Adult Sunday School

SUNDAYS  |  9:45 AM

Encountering Jesus
Led by: Pastor Brant
Room: 108

Join Pastor Brant for an enlightening journey through the Gospel of John. "Encountering Jesus: The Life-Changing Lessons from the Book of John." We will explore the profound teachings, miraculous signs, and intimate moments that reveal the true nature of Jesus. Whether you're new to the Bible or a seasoned scholar, this class promises to deepen your faith and transform your understanding of Jesus.
Your Mission in Life
Led by: Blane Steckly & Lowell Myers
Room: 109
Examining what our “mission” in life actually is. Starting with our personal and family life, our responsibilities in the church, and our part in worldwide missions.
Grace Filled Marriage (RightNow MEDIA video series)
Led by: Corey Mann
Room: Fellowship Hall

What's Grace Got to Do with It? The missing ingredient in most marriages isn't love, it's grace. Love inclines us to get married, but we need grace to keep that love healthy, strong and committed. More than simply "nice," grace is that game-changing ingredient that enables us to treat each other the way God treats us—even when we don't deserve it. Whether your marriage is just beginning, seems healthy, or is struggling on life support, a deeper understanding of the power of grace will help it not just survive, but thrive.  

The book below isn’t a requirement, however it’s highly recommended that attendees have the workbook.