Adult Bible Classes

Sundays Mornings at 9:45 AM

Missions 101

The purpose of this class is to educate our church to think and live missionally here, there, and everywhere; all the while helping our church to know and care for our current missionaries even better. Class will be lead by Pastor Zach, Elijah Hackbart, David Ideus, and Audrey Schanou. Meets in the Fellowship Hall.

Prayerful Warriors

Aaron Noler will be leading a study on the importance of prayer both personally and corporately. We will spend time looking at prayer as both a gift and a command, combing the Bible for examples, insight, and instruction. We will also engage in corporate prayer as part of the session each week. Room 107.

1st & 2nd Peter

Arlyn Hanseling will be leading a study on 1st & 2nd Peter. We will be looking at advice for dealing with suffering and persecution, our attitude toward government, and directions for husbands and wives. We will also be talking about our salvation and inheritance as believers. Room 108.

Big Picture (Women Only)

Knowing the past helps more fully understand God’s purposes in the present. This course is designed to help you understand God’s overarching plan throughout the entirety of humanity. Knowing the past as it connects to the future will help motivate you to accomplish the purposes God has for you! This class is for women only and will run throughout this school year (September – May). Class led by Susanne Taylor. Room 109.

Barters, Trades, and Deals – Business in the Bible

Life is filled with trade-offs. Every day we spend our time, our money, our energy, and our emotional bank account in trades. The Bible has a lot to say about trading. In this series, we will explore passages that relate to key concepts in trading. We will explore how Satan and our sinful ambitions influence our decisions. We will explore examples of people in the Bible who made a trade. We will also see how both the Old Testament Torah and Jesus give teachings to form our perspective. Let’s develop discernment together as we discover the differences between good deals and bad ones. The class will be lead Jon Anderson. Room 110