The leadership of Hillcrest is pleased to announce that in addition to the current Live Stream service we are adding two on-site services beginning Sunday, May 31st! These services will be held as stand-alone events, (meaning no other classes or programs will be offered) in accordance with DHHS guidelines and attendees are encouraged to wear a face mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time will the Live Stream service start on May 31st?

A: The Live Stream service will begin at 10:30 a.m. beginning on May 31.

Q: What time will the onsite services start and end on May 31st?

A: The early service will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end around 10:00 a.m. The late service will begin at 10:30 a.m. and end around 11:30 a.m.

Q: Why the encouragement to wear a face mask?

A: There is some evidence that singing and even talking without a face mask can spread aerosol droplets capable of transmitting viral particles.

Q: How will seating be done on May 31st?

A: Seating will be arranged in such a way as to maintain appropriate social distancing between parties. A “party” should be understood to include members of a household who live together and therefore may be seated together, but should maintain six feet of social distance from other parties.We will have every other row clearly marked when you arrive. Please fill in from front to back as guided by our staff and leave three (3) chairs in between you and any other family unit sitting in your row. Please wait for instructions at the end of the service in order to maintain proper social distancing.

Q: Will there be Nursery, Children’s church, or Sunday school for my kids?

A: Children present at services should remain with their parents or guardians and refrain from congregating or interacting with children of other parties on the premises. At this time we are not able to provide any other programming for children/youth at the service times.

Q: Can I bring my Bible or electronic device or can I use the Bibles at church?

A: The Bibles that are normally available will be absent as such materials can facilitate the spread of the virus. Those attending may bring their Bible or device to the service and take them home after the service.

Q: Will there be an offering?

A: The passing of the offering plates or any other item between parties are contrary to good health practices at this time as it would contribute to the spread of the virus and is therefore not permitted. We will have a dropbox available in the foyer for your use as you enter or exit the building.

Q: What if more people show up than there is room for in the sanctuary?

A: Based on the survey results we believe we will have enough room between the two services. We have plans to use the foyer for overflow seating should more people attend our service.

Q: Can we gather somewhere in the building to talk with friends?

A: Due to the guidelines of the DHHS, fellowship, social gatherings, or other functions before or after the services on the premises are not permitted as such gatherings could expose those present to the virus.

Q: What if I am not comfortable attending?

A: We encourage you to be discerning and consider DHHS guidelines which include: Those who are sick or at risk need to stay home. This includes: The elderly, people with underlying medical conditions, family members who live with elderly people or those who are at risk, people who have access to those at risk in nursing institutions, people who have upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms, people who live with someone with upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms, people with COVID-19 or live with someone with COVID-19, and people who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

We look forward to offering the opportunity to meet together in the building, while continuing to consult with health officials that continue to provide guidelines and recommendations. Whether you choose to join us via Live Stream or meet with us at the Hillcrest facility, we look forward to having you join us for Sunday services!