Fall Quarter begins September 9th

(See descriptions for upcoming classes below.)


Newcomers – Led by Pastor Curt Coddington and Pastsor Brad Johnson
A class for people who would like to know more about what we believe as an Evangelical Free Church and who we are at Hillcrest. 

New Testament Survey – Led by Ben Ford 
We will focus on the New Testament churches, their geography (then and now), along with the apostles’ ministry and letters to them. We will look to understand how they fit in the timeline of Acts and the period in history, including the context of the Roman Empire.

Love and Respect – Led by Corey Mann
This video series is based on two simple ideas found in Ephesians 5:33: Love and Respect. When a husband and wife gain insight on Love and Respect it will change
their hearts and revolutionize their marriage. God wants couples to believe this!

Finances – Adam Greenquist, Joel Endorf, and Lowell Myers
You are created by God in His image, redeemed by the blood of Christ and indwelled by the Holy Spirit. The fact that you and all that you have (including money) are truly His possession has huge implications on how you live your life and handle your money. Come to this class and learn how tomanage finances for God’s glory as His treasured possession.