Spring Quarter begins March 11th

(See descriptions for upcoming classes below.)


Newcomers – Led by Pastor Curt Coddington
A class for people who would like to know more about what we believe as an Evangelical Free Church and who we are at Hillcrest.

Sold Out – Led by Pastor Brad Johnson (beginning 3/18)
I’ve been sold out. Betrayed. Duped. And I bet you have been too. Weren’t you told that if you “tried hard enough” or “got really serious with God” that you would have the Christian life you always wanted?  What went wrong? Come discover the audacity of gospel-hope and dare to believe that you are loved far more than you ever dreamt possible. Text: “The Cure”, by John Lynch and Bruce McNicol and Bill Thrall. Available for $13 at Amazon, or for $10 from www.trueface.org.

Song of Solomon – Led by Jason Rasmussen (beginning 3/18)
Dating. Relationships. Marriage. Sex. Love. Educating parents on raising kids to honor God’s design for relationships; giving biblical guidance on dates, dating & what courting is. Romance, marriage & sexuality are a gift from God, not the worlds, but God has a very distinct design & boundaries for these gifts!

The Gospel of John – Led by David McCracken
Join us as we continue our study of the Gospel of John. We will pick up where we left off in chapter 16.

Motivational Gifts of the Spirit – Ken Baldinger and Eddy Sander
The Motivational Gifts as found in Romans 12: 6-8. What is yours? What motivates others? How do we work together? What should we look out for personally?