February 9, 2014

Categories: Sunday Messages

Isaiah 46 – The Folly of Idolatry

If we believe this passage is the Word of God, then what should be different about our lives?

1) We will stop to think about which direction makes more sense. One seems to on the surface, but upon further examination makes no sense at all.

2) As we have said all along, we will get rid of our idols. We will not tolerate them in our midst. We will urge others to do the same.

3) We will end our rebellion against our God who sees all even though He has no eyes, hears all even though He has not ears, knows all even though He has no physical brain. He is God, He knows all, and He is in control. Only a fool would rebel against the One who controls all.

4) We will live by faith and not by sight. It is at the core of Christianity. It was designed to be at the core. It fits in with the person and purpose of God. When God is spirit, and by definition invisible, it makes sense that He requires faith of His people. Amen?

Author: Jenna Embree