December 8, 2013

Categories: Sunday Messages

Isaiah 40:3-5 – Preparing the Way for the LORD

So today, this advent season, I urge you to take heed of the message of the prophet Isaiah, I point you to the message of John the Baptist. The coming of the LORD is truly good news for those who are prepared for His coming. For those with oil in their lamps, for those who are awake, for those who prepared, for those who are ready, it will be the most joyous spectacular event imaginable. But for those who are not ready, not alert, not prepared, it will the most devastating day imaginable. At that point, it will be declared, β€œToo late. Depart from me, I never knew you.”

Can you see why the LORD wanted us to know? Can you see why He sent a voice ahead of His first coming? Can you see the importance for us anticipating His return? Will you use this advent season to prepare your home or your heart? That is really the question. How will you prepare for the coming of the LORD?

Author: hillcrest1