December 22, 2013

Categories: Sunday Messages

Isaiah 40:12-20 – No One, Nothing Compares To Our God

If we believe this passage is the Word of God, then what should be different about our lives?

1) We will resist our culture and embrace the truth that there is but One True God, the great I AM of Scripture, the Maker of heaven and earth. I don’t care how others laugh at us, or ridicule us, or persecute us for it, it is the truth. And know that their alternatives are actually the laughable choices.

2) We will put all of creation into perspective compared to God. God is not some concoction of man staring at a big universe. God looks at the universe and holds up His fingers to measure it. The bigger is creation, the bigger is God. Man always has it the other way around. Man thinks of god as anything he cannot explain, so the more you can explain the smaller is god. But the truth is that the more you can explain, the bigger is the God who created it.

3) We will quit, and yes I said quit because we still do it all the time, we will quit trying to advise God how to run His world. He does not need my advice. The more I advise, the sillier I look.

4) We will fear and honor God, not man. We will marvel, not the image of a baby lying in a manger, but the fact that in Jesus Christ, the God of the universe took on human flesh. That is the true miracle. That is beyond explanation.

5) We will get rid of our idols. I don’t know what yours are. I don’t know how much you spent on them. They may be covered in gold, or simply wood that hasn’t rotted yet, but get rid of them. They too are silly and laughable, and more importantly offensive to our God. He will not stand for idolatry. And He sets the rules. Amen?

Author: hillcrest1