December 14, 2014

Categories: 2014,Sunday Messages

Matthew 1-2 – He came from the Jews: Jesus’ birth according to Matthew

If we believe this passage is the Word of God, then what should be different about our lives?

1) We will embrace Jesus’ Jewish roots. We will embrace His history. We will embrace the Old Testament as tightly as we do the New. We will read it as a Christian book, pointing us to the Christ. Though we are not Jewish, we are tied to the Jews through Jesus.

2) We will embrace our family, our history, the crazy uncle in our family. If Jesus can claim his family, we can claim ours.

3) We will embrace our journey. The road each of us travels is not smooth, easy, all downhill. Every one of us has had to endure detours, times in exile, rough patches. But again, if Jesus can embrace His path, then we can embrace ours.

4) We will embrace our Savior. He may have been Jewish, but He is our Savior as well. We need Him as much as anyone. And the purpose of the gospel accounts, the purpose of Matthew’s account is that we might embrace Jesus as the perfect One to come and save His people. His name shall be called, “Jesus!” Amen?

Author: Jenna Embree