August 24, 2014

Categories: 2014,Sunday Messages

Isaiah 66 – The Whole World Will See His Glory

If we believe this passage is the Word of God, then what should be different about our lives?
1) We will tremble at the Word of the LORD. We will take it seriously, deadly seriously, viewing it as the words of life and death.
2) We will not fool ourselves into thinking that God is impressed with our religious acts when we are simply going through the motions.
3) We will put our trust in the Messiah who ruled from Jerusalem, born of a virgin, whose home is Galilee, who comes from the line of David, who died a humiliating, yet sacrificial death for His people, who rose from the dead, who showed us the glory of God in human form. You recognize that all of these things (and many, many more) are images from Isaiah. As I have said throughout, if Jesus is not the Messiah, then there has to be someone EXACTLY like Him who is because He fulfilled ALL of the predictions about Him. So you can choose someone else, but the person who trembles before the Word of God will put His trust in Jesus as the Messiah. Amen?

Author: Jenna Embree