April 27, 2014

Categories: 2014,Sunday Messages

Isaiah 54 – A New Guarantee

If we believe this passage is the Word of God, then what should be different about our lives?

1) We will not use this as a license to sin. That makes a mockery of the gospel. Instead, we will ponder the wonderful thing that God has done for us. Knowing that, who would go out and flaunt such a blessed position?

2) We will embrace this new status, this new identity as the primary identifier of who we are. This is our name, “Christian.” This name has more meaning and implication than any other name, Coddington, Nebraskan, American, husband, father, Doctor, Professor, you fill in the blank. The name Christian has much more importance than that. So, do you embrace that name or are you trying to earn that name. If you try to earn it, you will never get there. You will never be righteous enough to earn the name of Christian. It is something you receive as a gift and embrace for yourself. You look in the mirror and see, not young, old, pretty, handsome, wrinkled, yuck, but “Christian.” You look around and identify people as Christian or not yet Christian. This distinction ought to be your primary way of identifying people.

3) We will rest in, rely upon our vindication by God. We will continually remind ourselves of the promises made here and not get caught up in the trap of trying harder and harder to please God so that we might become righteous in His eyes, only to fall into dejection, despair, depression, hopelessness when we fail. We will remind ourselves that this is a new covenant, not like the old one that never worked, it never saved anyone. We will rest in our new identity, an identity secured for us when our sin was laid on Him, guaranteeing us eternal favor from God. Amen?

Author: Jenna Embree